Overnight crime wave hits Port Angeles

Here is the message sent to Chief of Police, Brian Smith and to Sheriff Bill Benedict

Good Morning Sheriff, Brian:

Yesterday I put out a dozen campaign signs, within the city limits and with permission of the property owners.

This morning all but two are gone missing–stolen.

Yesterday morning on my Port O Call website I got an anonymous message saying,

“We can snuff out your  campaign the same way we snuffed out your newspaper.”

Of course you know this strikes at the heart of American freedoms to be able to run a free and unfettered election without outside meddling and unlawful interference.

I hope you will put out a message to all news media that it is a misdemeanor to molest anyone’s campaign signs.  Also, am offering a $100 reward for information leading to the arrest of anyone molesting ANYONE’s campaign signs.

Thanks Sheriff

Thanks Brian


  1. Michael

    Congratulations. The cowards are afraid of you. They come out when threatened.

  2. Suzanne Hayden

    I made a call to the PAPD, because my signs at Peabody and Front Streets are being vandalized and stolen. The little signs are being torn in half. The 4×4 was taken completely away, including the rebar and pvc piping!! So much for a democratic process.
    Editor’s Note: The soul of our community is in the balance in this upcoming election.
    Will democracy triumph or will the vigilantes rule the night?
    PAPD knows who is doing this, the question is, “do they have the will to put a stop to it? See if you can get a face to face with Chief Brian Smith.

  3. Dale Wilson (Post author)

    A friend of me recently reminded me, “When you are taking on flak you know you are over the target.”


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