Spineless creatures studied at John Wayne Marina

Spineless creature studied at John Wayne Marina

June 19, 2017
Its name is Commishdemeanor, amphipod. It is spineless. It lacks vision. It is an opportunistic feeder, consuming whatever resources are available– perhaps including the remains of its own kind. This is where similarities to some of Port of Port Angeles’ more notorious megafauna end.
When put under the spotlight Commishdemeanors will push unsuspecting underlings into the glare causing them to deflect any criticism which is ordinarily due the Commishdemeanor.
In this way the underling takes all the heat of the spotlight while the amphipods glide back into their underground hidey-hole and plan new ways to feed off the surrounding taxpayers.
Some researchers say the underlings volunteer for these missions into the spotlight because they are hired hands and not subject to voters every few years. Other scientists determine this another demonstration of the creature’s spinelessness, having other creatures take the heat for them.
The Commishdemenanor’s habitat is one made of industrious types of taxpayers who provide all the sustenance ordinarily necessary but the voracious appetite of the spineless creature requires ever more infusions of its main diet, taxes.
The only known byproducts of this spineless creature is a half-dozen pickle-ball paddles and ephemeral park benches along with broken promises about job-creation.

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