UPDATE: Another good reason to record interviews with PDN

In yesterday’s story on candidates appearing before the local Rotary Club the daily paper quoted me as saying we should ship wood pellets and wood pellet stoves “instead of logs” to China.  Of course I never said “instead of logs.”  I said “behind every shipment of logs we should send a barge load of wood pellets and behind that a shipment of wood pellet burning stoves, all manufactured right here in Clallam County.

This becomes apparent by the end of the article–if anyone reads that far.

These three words were gratuitously inserted by the reporter, or more likely, the editor.

Insertion of these three words was intended alienate everyone who ever went to the woods to make a living.

UPDATE:  PDN reporter, Jesse Majors responded and offered to correct the record.  Hats off to Jesse.

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