KIRO-TV Expose’ on Nichols Tomorrow (Thursday) at 5pm

This just came in this morning:

I just saw a local ad on the Steven Colbert Late Show.  The ad aired at
11:48 PM.  It says that on Thursday (tomorrow) on the 5 PM Kiro 7 news
the Kiro 7 Investigates is doing an expose on Mark Nichols sexual
harassment lawsuit.  And, the way they laid it out, so viewers would tune
in is:  They tell how a judge postponed the case so that voters wouldn’t
know about it before they vote for the County prosecutor.  And, they had
a brief interview with the woman he harassed (his former office manager) saying that he has ruined
her life.  They also were interviewing some man and saying “shouldn’t
the taxpayers know about this before they vote?”  I knew it was Nichols
because they showing a photo of our county courthouse.

I have set my DVR to record it.  You might consider watching it too.
They say it is on Thursday during the 5 PM news show on Channel 7.

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