Shortest interview ever at PDN

Shortest interview ever at PDN

by Dale Wilson; Candidate for County Commissioner

On July 3rd I received an email from Jesse Major, reporter for the daily paper. He invited me to sit down with him and his editor; Leah Leach to discuss my candidacy. I agreed to do so and asked him to send me his questions and I could prepare for the interview. Of course he refused, stating, “our policy is we do not provide questions before interviews.” Of course I knew this, its covered in Journalism 101.

I agreed to the interview and showed up this morning at the appointed hour. As soon as I walked into the interview room I began setting up a tripod and a video camera. Leach asked, “what is that for?”

I explained I am doing a documentary on running for office. She said she did not approve of my recording her interview. I asked her, “are you going to record this interview?” She said “yes.”

I explained to her my policy is to record all my interviews too. She said, I cannot authorize you to videotape this interview I will have to speak with the publisher. I asked her if the publisher is available by phone. She said “yes,” her phone was on the table in front of her, she would not call him.

She then asked what I intended to do with the video. I assured her I would put it on television unedited. She said she was not sure it wouldn’t be edited. I ask her if she intended to edit our interview and she said,”yes.” I then assured her there would be no editing on my part and, unless she agreed to publish my interview unedited then surely I would record it for accuracy. I further assured her she could look at the time-stamp to be sure it was an uncut, unedited account of our interview appearing on television.

She said, “no.” I said, Oh, so you want complete control of the interview and how the story gets shaped. She said “yes, this is a private business. I said this is a story about a candidate standing for public office and it should be available to the public in its most complete form.

She refused to yield to having our interview recorded and I bid them “good day.”

Folks, I know an ambush when I see one. They wanted all the control of the interview and the story and without me recording it there would be no way to point out any (expected) fallacies or inaccuracies in their story.

She knows I previously reported on the PDN publishing a front page story, above the fold, in 2 inch headlines which was a bold faced lie. The lie said a $2 million dollar grant had been approved for the Port’s composite recycling scheme. A lie that was never corrected even though then publisher, John Brewer agreed it was incorrect and defended it saying, “we told them there was a lot more paperwork required.”

She said her coverage would be fair and balanced. I said I did not trust her and used the last city council coverage as an example. I reminded her she had a reporter in the council meeting and failed to report on comments made by the public at the council meeting. One lady reported to the council that the hate-filled facebook pages were still going strong and endangering the homeless. A gentleman stood and complained of political campaign signs being stolen from people’s yards. Yet another lady stood and told the council of the danger homeless people face each and every day and night with the climate of hate in some sectors of the city.

None of these were mentioned in their coverage of the city council meeting. Instead the report was all about the council deciding that people delivering public comment before the council no longer have to give their address because of the potential danger if people with opposing views know where they live. Duh!

Now, in anticipation of them attempting to suggest I am using our local public access television station for personal political advantage let me assure the public. If I, or anyone else, wanted to video tape an hour long video of an ant-hill the public access channel MUST put it on the air. Therefore, if anyone wants to put up a video then all public access channels in America are obliged to run it so long as it is not pornographic. I have never sought nor received any preferential treatment associated with my serving on the board of PAPA-TV.

Finally, anyone can look at all of my appearances on public television and be assured none have ever been used for personal or political advantage. My year-old interview with the incumbent is on there and he comes off looking quite good.

All my appearances on local television are archived on PAPA-TV and also on Youtube at: Now You Know w/ host Dale Wilson.

On my way out the door I reminded Ms. Leach that her paper, owing to its membership in the Economic Development Council, ought to be a cheerleader for all the positive news occurring in the community yet, in its two years of PAPA-TV broadcasting in Port Angeles, she has never published a story about the amazing successes attributed to having a public access channel in town.

No one covered the fact that our high school student producers have been nominated for not one, not two but three Emmy Awards.

She has never published a story of the award winning documentaries produced by PAPA and presented on PAPA and its sister stations–and around the world, via internet.

These award winning documentaries are designed and produced with the purpose of presenting this community and its many historic and recreational opportunities in a most positive light waiting to be enjoyed by the traveling public.  People are watching.


  1. Susan

    Translation: “I Dale Wilson am a huge pussy and can’t handle being asked tough questions. Since I am also a fraud, in my mind, there is only ONE narrative–my completely false and contrived narrative.”

    Do the world a favor and come down with some horrible, debilitating disease that makes you die an agonizing, lingering death.

    P.S. Not a goddamned soul watches PAPA TV. Nobody, ever.

    Editor’s Note: Obviously you did not read the story. I came fully prepared to answer all the questions they have to ask. However, I do not trust them to accurately portray the answers they receive. They lie. I will appear anywhere and answer any questions so long as I have a visual record of the actual interview. Funny you should say “no one watches PAPA-TV.” If this was the case they would have no fear of our interview being recorded. Secondly, within one week of broadcasting our award winning documentary of the New Dungeness Lighthouse we got a call from a sister station in New Jersey seeking permission to show it on their local station. Someone is watching.
    Note to Chief of Police, hey Brian, isn’t all this name calling and death-wishing considered harassment?

  2. michael

    If nobody watches PAPA then what is so intimidating about a video recorded interview? This is about transparency. Everyone knows that articles in PDN supports their favorites and dispatches those who disagree. They so want to stroke the hands that feed them that they have lost touch with the integrity we say we want in our leaders.

  3. Heather

    Civility much, Susan?

  4. Dale Wilson (Post author)

    This came in over my email:

    Dale, I’ve just had a big conversation w/ Leah about how disappointed I am that they couldn’t been more flexible about this, cuz I would have enjoyed seeing it on PAPA tv. She said that if I had “thought it thru” I would understand that they did many of these interviews today and it was unrealistic for me to think they could all be on PAPA tv.
    I said well, I didn’t guess all of the interviewees would even WANT that, but that I couldn’t see anything but good coming out of it if they did. She was sighing and huffing after my every comment and I thought, “thank God she’s not a public servant!” She’s obviously a business woman and very impatient and short-tempered.

    Anyway, she said they were still trying to make it happen and I urged her to be a little more flexible and be open to filming the interview for PAPA. She all but hung up on me, still huffing!

  5. kodiak

    Clearly Susan has a problem. If I dig a little I see the problem. Can you?
    Dale Wilson should and will take you to task. He has more balls than all of you. A pussy he is not.
    You, Susan, have now told us who you are….

  6. Adam Garcia

    Good for you Dale. I, for one, have absolutely no issue with individuals holding the media accountable for the words that they publish. It was your interview, you should have the right to record it as you wish. The only reason they would refuse would be because they were planning to spin certain questions and answers in favor of their political leanings. I don’t have a hostile view of PDN at all, however, I see no issue with the stance that you took.


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