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  1. Michael

    It’s customary for lawyers to take care of their own when it comes to the keepers of the legal justice system. What’s most interesting from a investigative journalism point of view is how Clallam County seems to have tried to sweep it under the rug. Once you see the pattern, and clear evidence in the form of sworn statements by others, of how women are treated in “the courthouse” it will tell you a lot about how this and other similar cases are usually handled. What checks and balances are in place for “whistle blowers” in the County system?

  2. Randy Terry

    Speaking from direct personal experience, I can tell you that a Clallam County employee that chooses to report wrongdoings will be separated from their previous responsibilities, singled out by management and bullied. Their vehicles and personal belongings will be violated in a number of ways and peninsula daily news will allow comments in any related news article to be posted only if they contain some type of derogatory statement about the whistleblower.
    Ross Tyler, Jim Jones and Clallam’s HR department need to be replaced.
    When leadership in the road department is replaced, make sure the new person has no local connections.
    The ones that are in place have contaminated public property or have been complacent with contamination and harassment.

    Enjoy, Randy Terry

  3. Adam Garcia

    Honestly it is difficult to find a major issue with this. We must remember that we are all “innocent until proven guilty.” Even if he is elected to serve once again, and the trial proceeds afterwards, if he is found guilty, he can be removed from office.

    An investigation has already found that his romantic interests didn’t create a hostile work environment for the employee.

    People need to stop pretending (or being purposefully naive) that if the trial is put on hold, he will be unable to be taken to trial. Come on people, think…


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