Now back to electing good governance

Now back to electing good governance.

With ballots in the home and postage paid it’s time to fill them out and determine what kind of community we will inhabit in the coming years.

All the debates are available on video just a steps down on the home page, see link at end of article.

A few minutes viewing will help your decision-making. What you will hear is two stalwarts droning on about their experience, their connections, their acronyms, their certainty that they know the job and how to do it. Now look at where we are after the last two decades of their “certainty.”

The average income, county wide, is at minimum wage. Storefronts are going vacant. Jobs are scarce and of low-pay. We have no permanent and reliable water supplies.  The county has spent millions on “economic development.” Their effect on the local economy has been nil.  The economic effect on selected insiders has paid off handsomely.

Commissioner Peach spent $8 million on his Business Incubation Project. No businesses were “incubated” and no jobs created—except his, and a few cronies. When they tapped-out the taxpayers it was decided to shut out the lights and walk away. One problem. They had a debt of $750,000. Peach, and other fixers devised a method to first thrust this debt on the local school district, knowing it would then be shifted over to the Clallam County Taxpayers. We are now servicing his debt to the tune of $48,000 per year.

At each of the candidate debates Peach pronounces, “I will never vote for a tax increase.” He’s right no one got to vote on his dumping his debt on the taxpayers—he just did it.

Add to that his penchant for bullying other elected officials at the courthouse. Early on demanding the Treasurer be investigated for the crime of protecting the people’s purse. He’s putting heat on the Department of Economic Development, interfering with their responsibilities and decision-making.

He wants to put elected officials under the county’s “Personnel Policy.” The original Charter Committee plainly stated, ‘elected officials answer to the voters.” Peach wants to have them under the thumb of the commissioners. Ignoring they have different constitutional duties and are not answerable to commissioners except for proper funding.

Likewise, he wants to start up a whole new county financial department with its own CFO and staff, answerable only to the commissioners. The plan will elbow-out two constitutional officers, the Auditor and the Treasurer. All financial control of the county treasury will rest in any two commissioners.

Their current contract with the acting treasurer includes a gag order, threatening criminal penalties.

We need a change. I have worked hard to bring many good things to this community. I have ideas and energy, much in demand. I believe the way we are spending money for job creation is outrageous and ill conceived. I want us to become energy independent, have jobs that cannot be off-shored or done by robots. I want to help create an environment that supports entrepreneurs and independent job creation.

I want to unite the varied communities in the 3rd District and work for solutions to problems that vex us all primarily, a permanent reliable water supply, for everyone.

I may not be the best man for the job but I am the best on the ballot.  Watch and see…

Video: League of Women Voters Candidate Forum; Judges/Commissioners


  1. Mike

    We have a choice between two good ole’ boys and one new guy. What have the incumbent and pre- incumbent done, really? Think about it. Talks about the clock tower? Having to give the guy a chair so he doesn’t fall on his face at a fundraiser? I’m voting for Dale and look forward to his upsetting some apple carts. The good ole boys mill town environment is gone, and we need to try something new.

  2. Michael

    You’re fighting an uphill battle. I don’t see Clallam County coming out of the doldrums for decades. Most people above minimum wage are bureaucrats. They will never let go of their sweet deals minding small-minded tasks never caring about “results”.
    The moment you start holding them accountable, no matter who you are you will be demonized. They are threatened to death that they must show a measure of all their budgets and what we actually get from them other than them getting paid or paid off. Their retirement is their crowning achievement. Go figger.

  3. Mike

    At this moment I have some hope. Why not? Everybody I know has expressed their, say it, progressive preferences. No broad feedback really. Its a bit difficult in a one paper town, especially one where the paper has made no secrets about who it chooses to cover. So where are the letters? Notice the lack of anything at all on the prosecutor race. Seems like a Rooshian election. Mr Peach seems to be cashing in quite a few chips with the paper this month.


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