PDN thinks you are stupid

Paul Gottlieb, under the tutelage of editor; Leah Leach, twisted himself in pretzel-like knots attempting to make it look like Bill Peach has wide support for re-election.  He made Peach’s loan to his own campaign look/sound like a campaign contribution.

Paul, Leah, take note:  Contribution means you give something away that cannot be taken back.  A loan to a campaign is a loan and will be repaid if any other funds are raised.

If you respect your readers’ intelligence you cannot tell them Peach is leading in contributions.

He is loaning his own money to his own campaign.  This does not amount to widespread support as you attempted to infer.

Peach is out there  by himself folks.  The local Republican Party could cough up only $500 for Peach’s campaign.  At the recent Quileute Days in La Push, Peach was a pitiful figure standing alone in the parade staging area with his campaign sign at his side and no one to talk to.  During the half hour the parade was waiting to start Peach stood alone.  The only people who came up to speak to him were the other candidates.  Why is the daily paper trying so hard to stuff Peach down our throats again?  Why is the daily paper even writing slanted news stories.  These type endorsements, which is what they are, should be on the opinion page instead of passing them off as straight news.

Here we are in the closing days of the primary campaign and Peach has raised a paltry $750 and loaned his campaign $20,000 of his own money.  Even his buddies in the timber industry did not show up.  Maybe they will if he makes it past the primary.

No wonder he lacks local support.  After living in the Beaver area for years he recently stated at a candidate forum, “Forks has no radio station.”  In fact KBDB, Twilight 96.3, is a wonderful radio station supporting the business community and the “Twilight” craze across the county and even into Europe.

KBDB has done a heck of a lot more for the West End than has Peach.

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  1. No. 7

    Gotta wonder what interest rate he is charging himself.
    Hey Peach, can you give me a guaranteed rate of return?


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