About Us

Call for Community

Port O Call may be a new face in town, but it’s one that arrives with a bit of mileage and a lot of experience. Publisher, Dale Wilson earned a bachelors in Journalism and a master’s in Communication–preparing him for a variety of experiences in the media business. Starting as news director for the college radio station and weekend DJ then migrating over to become floor-director for the local PBS Television station. After that he worked on a variety of newspapers as reporter/editor on various news beats.

He has been a communications consultant in industry with a specialty in team-building and taught communications courses at the college level.

Wilson also worked as a fundraiser for Youth Town of Tennessee, the children’s home where he grew up.

Within these varied experiences Wilson learned one important lesson, it takes cooperation and commitment to move a community forward.

This publication, both in print and on-line, arises out a growing recognition that, for all its natural beauty, our community has more than a few dark and musty corners that could use some light and fresh airing.

Making room for new ideas to take root means some weeds and brambles have to go, some overgrown notions may need to be trimmed back and reshaped.

It is a delicate balance to remove the briars and leave the berries.

When it comes to shaping the future of our community, we are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

We intend to nurture a community vision equal to the grandeur of the Olympic Peninsula’s views.

We can learn to improve people’s lives, soften our impact on the increasingly delicate environment and thrive –together.

We encourage you to join in helping us define a future that recognizes–just as a healthy forest includes fungi and lichens, shrubs and flowers, evergreens and trees that shed their leaves come winter–a healthy community is also diverse.

Conditions that support family wage jobs in various enterprises also nurture entrepreneurs, artists and artisans. We all want a healthful environment, strong educational institutions, rich and varied cultural opportunities and possibilities for healthy growth and positive change.

Essential to achieving this vision is what’s come to be called the triple bottom line, one that looks at social and environmental outcomes as well as financial results. In our increasingly interconnected world, there’s no way to separate the essential Ps — people, planet and profit – on the path of progress and prosperity.

What this means, in practice, is we need you to let us know about overlooked ideas and injustices being ignored.

What information is it you feel essential for day-to-day decisions. Which businesses treat customers and employees fairly? Which organizations live up to their promises and which ones are drawing resources from other, more worthwhile endeavors? And why?

Finding fault is all too easy; finding a solution, an alternative, a way through calls us to our best, most creative selves.

That is our calling–our Port O Call.