Become an Editor

Port O Call Publishing is looking for knowledgeable editors.

Editors should be knowledgeable in their field and know their subjects well enough to write and/or edit articles about topics within their chosen field.


  • Editors will provide a minimum of one article per month dealing with a topic within your specialty. If you want to write weekly or even daily, that is fine as well.  We REQUIRE at least one per month.
  • Articles should be fact-based or opinion and labeled accordingly.
  • You may link out to other resources (your own or others) when it is appropriate.

Example 1: the editor of the “Legal” department would likely be an attorney.  He or she could provide an article one month on the importance of wills.  The next month it might be on estate planning.  Then pre-nuptial agreements and so on. Example 2: In the Agriculture Department the editor might be the owner of a local nursery.  He or she could write a column on “Preparing your lawn for fall.”  the next month; pruning your fruit trees”, then: “If or when to fertilize.”  The topics are endless. Example 3: The Financial editor could be a financial advisor, a stock broker, a banker or others knowledgeable and able to advise and inform on financial matters. Cultural editors would keep us informed on local cultural offerings and even–if so inspired, critiques of performances.  Music, theater, art, festivals–all fodder for the cultural editor. Articles should be fact-based or opinion and labeled accordingly. If you have interest in becoming a department editor, please complete the form below and we will get back in touch with you. Please Note: this form is for those interested in becoming department editors only.

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