Public Meeting on Impacts to Dungeness Area by Industrialized Shellfish Operation

An informational meeting will be held at the Dungeness Schoolhouse, 2nd Floor, Saturday, January 10, 2015,  2-4 PM to discuss implications of Shelton WA based TAYLOR SHELLFISH FARMS proposal to site a 30 acre geoduck operation on tidelands by the mouth of the Dungeness River and close to the publicly owned WA State Department of Fish and Wildlife’s 3 Crabs wetland restoration project and the US Fish and Wildlife Dungeness Refuge Graveyard Spit protected for breeding birds.Taylor signed a multi-year lease with Bellevue WA Dungeness Farms tidelands, owners of the gun club at the mouth of the Dungeness River.  Taylor’s plan is to raise thousands of geoducks for commercial export to Asia.  Each acre of tidelands requires thousands of plastic tubes for seeding geoducks and acres of netting.  

Citizens from areas of Puget Sound having experience with shellfish operations on neighborhood tidelands will describe the consequences of industrialized shellfish operations on WA State beaches and elsewhere.

Guest presenters and  panelists include Laura Hendricks:  Coalition To Save Puget Sound, Trina Bayard Ph.D, Director, Bird Conservation for Washington Audubon, Retired University of Oregon Law Professor Maradel Gale now with Bainbridge Alliance For Puget Sound and a Bainbridge Beach naturalist, and marine habitat specialist consultant Jim Brennan,MSc, formerly with the University of WA Sea Grant Program and the Coastal and Estuarine Research Federation Governing Board, and past President of Pacific Estuarine Research Society.

Large scale aquaculture plantations — shellfish and fin fish lots — are proposed in the Clallam County Shoreline Master Plan for sitings throughout County shorelines and waters.  That plan can be seen on <> .   What does this large scale industry mean for our natural resources?  What does this mean for wildlife?  What does this mean for home values?  What does this mean for public recreation?  Who profits?  Who loses?  These questions will be addressed at the January 10 forum.

The Dungeness Schoolhouse Is located at 2781 Towne Road, Sequim WA


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  1. HerbS

    ALANA LINDEROTH, wrote a good report for the Sequim Gazette

    I had questions and sent them this letter. I also tried to get it posted here with no luck.

    I cannot repeat the comments posted, but I think it would be fair to say that they questioned this development. As I do not Facebook I could not add to the discussion and a “letter to the editor” was not printed.
    Surprisingly the PDN does allow for commentary using Yahoo, AOL or Hotmail. Sadly no-one else commented. My truncated comment equaled the PDN version of the story. Go figure?
    Too many things to critique here. I wrote a letter to the Gazette that detailed my issues. Sadly I did not keep a copy.
    1 There are THREE different numbers given for the acreage to be used.
    2. This is a truncated article to what was posted in the Gazette.
    3. 30 acres of PVC pipes and netting will not affect the environment. Give me a break.
    4. The state and county has spent millions in upgrading the water in this region and this commercial leasing will most certainly affect the nearby Dungeness National Wildlife Refuge.
    5. Just envision the visual (if not environmental) degradation of this unique bay. Sure hope the jobs created will offset the tourism angle.
    6. Shore and Sea Birds caught in the netting?

    So many questions, but money always wins and I am sure that the permitting process will swim through the sewer of the ‘Regulatory Agencies’ we have in WA. Hell, when the oil spill happened off P.A. decades ago the State EPA had no money to finance an investigation and gave it over to the Oil company do do so. Battelle assisted. Fines later were assessed at about. .39 cents a pound for all the dead birds. Had you or I killed some of these ducks and puffins we would be looking at thousands of dollars a bird. Heck even killing a Seagull might cost you 500.00.

    Now we plan to put PVC pipes and netting in an area they fish in? YAH, makes sense, no hurt, No problem.
    Whether you agree or disagree with me or the comments at the Gazette, I believe more discussion needs to occur.

    (I am glad that this is finally happening!)


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