Smart Meters:The Opposition’s Side by Judi Hangartner

Smart Meters Awareness

The so called Smart Meter/Smart Grid has stretched across the world.  These are some of the reasons why people are concerned:

Health Issues:  Radar radiofrequency does biological harm, and can cause structural changes in living cells. The signals from Radio Frequencies can bring on alterations to the DNA.  Scientific research has determined that biological/health effects can occur, even at low intensity exposure.  Chronic exposure can make a living organism more susceptible to the effects of Electro Magnetic Fields.  The potential health complaints include but are not limited to: additional stress, anxiety, concentration or memory loss, fatigue, disorientation, dizziness, eye problems, cardiac symptoms including arrhythmias, nausea and flu-like symptoms, high blood pressure, recurrence of cancer – to name a few.

Security Issues:  The Smart Grid differs from the format used today in most communities in that the Smart Grid delivers/permits a two-way flow of both electricity and information.  This “electricity with a brain” will require “system security (that) must be maintained at a consistently high level of assurance…”  Malicious attack, cyber-attacks and other events that would compromise the integrity of the Smart Grid and Smart Meters is inevitable.  How could the community trust the utility company to keep our information from cyber thieves?  We have the NSA mass surveillance and other privacy issues that have affected our freedoms.  Why would we trust any massive conglomerate to consider each one of us as an individual with human rights and freedoms?  

Surveillance Device/ Paycheck Matching/Medical Equipment Monitoring:  Your Smart Meter can monitor your energy consumption.  It is possible that the utility company can control your usage by the time of day which will result in higher pricing for use during peak times.  The remote programming can and will affect your privacy.  Is this what you want or expect from your local utility company?  While the utilities espouse the efficiency of the     Smart Grid and Smart Meter technology because of their potential to reduce costs associated with today’s labor-intensive tasks, the fact is that the utility company intends to monitor your energy consumption behavior and to control your use behavior.

That’s only the beginning:
Bill Check Matching stipulates that the utility billing  cycle be based on matching the date and frequency of the customer’s paycheck!

Medical Equipment  Monitoring  The Smart Meter infrastructure could be used to monitor medical equipment in the homes of its    customers by a third party!

Utility Rates:  Your electric bill will increase yearly 6.5% UNTIL 2016 says Utility Deputy Director of Power Mr. Phil Lusk. The cost of service will need to be adjusted due to the money that has been spent on consulting fees. The City just  approved another consulting firm to come in and tell the city why the Smart Meters are not working! As of this date the city has paid 178,351.00 for the Smart Meters – that are not working.

Smart Meters are not requiredto be UL Certified. As a matter of practice, UL does not make representations as to any product that does not carry the UL mark. UL maintains a database of all of the products that they certify. In the United States, the National Electrical Code (NEC) governs electrical installations, but utility meters are outside the scope of the NEC, since they are owned and controlled by the serving utility (according to NEC clause 90.2.)  This is an entirely voluntary program. If the meter manufacturer chooses to have their meters investigated, for safety and they meet the requirements, they could bear the UL Listing mark. City of Port Angeles utility Smart Meters have no UL marker.  

 Wireless Smart Meters and the Potential for Electrical Fires
These Smart Meters will increase the load on existing electrical wiring.  The homes that have older wiring cannot  take the stress of radio frequency pulses.  Port Angeles has many homes with Aluminum wiring that has been     noted to cause fires. It has been shown that the electrical wiring used does not have the capability to carry high     frequencies harmonics that are increasingly present with the use of Smart Meter technology.  The Smart Meter will put a burden on existing electrical wiring especially if there is a weak spot (older wiring, undersized neutrals for the electrical load, poor grounding, and use of aluminum conductors.  The City stated on the AMI System     Sensible Next Step flyer dated Oct 2011 – “the City may discover safety issues in meter bases during the installation of the new meters. This condition might affect 1% to 3% of all consumers.”  Why would the City decide to introduce a metering system that has potential safety issues?

Home Owners Insurance Coverage: Be sure to check with your home owners Insurance and have them read the AMI System Security Requirements.(Executive1840 B.4.1.6). States: ‘today in a fire, the fire department normally handles the disconnection of the power and other utilities from the involved structures. Often with a fire axe! With the advent of remote disconnects in the meters it will be possible to cut the power to the structure as well as gas and other utilities including water. For many homes and businesses in Port Angeles that have fire suppression systems the potential for the systems to fail is catastrophic.  If there is no water to douse the fire, then are you covered and are you safe? This would be considered public endangerment.


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IF YOU WANT THEM GONE If you like smart meters, do not read this. If you want them GONE, carry on. What is a smart meter? Why don’t I want one? What do I do? !#&*#!?!, I found one stuck on my house! Go to for the answers to your questions. You’ll learn everything about the Port Angeles (WA) resistance to smart meters, including events, contacts, and a handy TOOLKIT to get you started, for instance, with signs and tactics to secure your old analog meter. Details of the next PA Smart Awareness meeting will be posted on their website’s event calendar. Did you know that our city’s Dr. Frank Springob provided expert testimony on the new documentary film Take Back Your Power? See the trailer here:  Now you want to watch the whole thing. Where can you find a copy? Rent it cheap or buy it online here  Stop by the Port Angeles library to borrow or reserve a copy. Watch the film at free local showings sponsored by the Smart Awareness group (above). They’ll share copies with you or sell them at their meetings. Best to log on to their website and check out that event calendar. Are you the lame and useless kind of person who lets others carry your load—or will you stand shoulder-to-shoulder with people who have the guts to show up at a City Council meeting and even speak into the mike? These meetings are held the first and third Tuesday of each month at 6 p.m. in City Council Chambers of City Hall, 321 East 5th Street in Port Angeles. You can also attend their work sessions on the fourth Tuesday of each month; and meetings of the UAC or Utility Advisory Committee  or search for them on the City of Port Angeles home page Handy tips for PA City Council meetings: Arrive ten minutes early, or 5:50 p.m., to sign the speaker sheet. That way, you are free to speak into the mike for up to three minutes. One sentence helps, it’s on the official record. Public comments are scheduled at the beginning of the meeting, but no public comment is allowed at their work sessions, or UAC committee meetings. You would rather be water-boarded than speak into the mike? It’s not so hard. Nobody asks you questions. You just say something simple, like: “I’m here to ask the City Council to ban smart meters from our city.” Or, “I do not give consent to the installation of a smart meter on my house.” Or, “I need to have a smart meter removed from my house.” Or, just read from your notes. We will cheer you along and clap afterwards and get scolded by the mayor as usual. We have many tools in our defense:

The U.S. Congress is considering a new law that would force every household to use a smart meter in order to create a total nationwide smart grid. We can stop this law if enough people let Congress know they oppose it. Go to the site and write your letter!We have many allies in unlikely places including Port Angeles City Hall and the Clallam County Courthouse. It’s possible that Port Angeles could turn into one of those places where the City Manager and Council take a heroic stand on behalf of their city, calling for a ban on smart meters. Never say die.

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