Harbor Clean Up

In 2008, Ecology launched an investigation of Port Angeles Harbor through the Puget Sound Initiative.  The harbor sediments investigation found many types of pollutants that may pose a threat to human health and the environment, including fisheries and shellfish beds.
The harbor sediments investigation showed separate sources of contamination in western Port Angeles Harbor and the Rayonier Mill study area. Contaminants in the Western Harbor site include:

Naming Potentially Liable Parties (PLPs): Ecology has named seven parties for responsibility in this area: Georgia-Pacific LLC, Nippon Paper Industries USA Co. Ltd., Merrill & Ring, the Port of Port Angeles, the City of Port Angeles, Owens Corning, and the Washington State Department of Natural Resources. 


Ecology has finalized the agreed order (legal agreement) for the Western Port Angeles Harbor site. The potentially liable parties (PLPs) who signed the order are Georgia-Pacific, Nippon Paper Industries USA, Merrill & Ring, the Port of Port Angeles, and the City of Port Angeles.

The agreed order requires the PLPs to do:

  • A remedial investigation, which describes the nature and extent of contamination at the site.
  • A feasibility study, which evaluates cleanup options.
  • A remedial investigation/feasibility study (RI/FS) report.

In spring 2013, Ecology held a public comment period on the Agreed Order, RI/FS work plan and sampling analysis plan. You can read more about these documents below.

The PLPs did remedial investigation sampling during summer 2013. The Supplemental Data Report (February 2014) is available:

Ecology is working with the Western Port Angeles Harbor group to resolve several issues related to the newly revised Sediment Management Standards. We have granted them an extension on the schedule to submit the draft RI/F to us. Currently, we anticipate the RI/FS may be ready for public comment in mid 2015.


Ecology is planning a study of regional background sediment contaminant levels for the north Olympic Peninsula. We will compare these levels with contamination levels in Port Angeles Harbor. This will help us evaluate options for cleaning up the harbor.

The final sampling and analysis plan (SAP) for the study is now available. More information.


The port is proposing to do maintenance activities at five terminals and at the Port Angeles Boat Haven marina over the next ten years, as needed. The proposed work will occur in the Port Angeles Harbor, but is not directly related to the Port Angeles cleanup activities.  
You can read more about the proposed maintenance work on the port’s website.



Source: https://fortress.wa.gov/ecy/gsp/Sitepage.aspx?csid=11907

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