Thoughts About the School Levy by Bill Yucha

Dear Mr. Wilson,

I happened to read my second  “Port O Call” today and I like it much better than Peninsula Daily News. You’re open for letters so here’s mine.

So you know exactly where I’m coming from I’ll tell you up front. My name is Bill Yucha, I’m a Conservative, a Christian, Tax payer and a voter. Not a trouble maker or an agitator, but I find myself unhappy with the way the world is going.  The words I want to share are about the school levy.

I’m feeling disappointed with our Schools, much like our Federal Government. I’ve lost faith. You probably know the Federal Government is filled with people who all want their own way.. and they work together like three year Old’s. I doubt they’ve done anything positive since Obama started changing things to his view of better. I kind of lost faith with congress because they don’t seem to be doing anything about it. In the same way I’m loosing faith with our School system.

Our School system seems to be hung up on Federal handouts and more than willing to prostitute themselves by teaching anything the government wants taught to get the money. I don’t know too much about common core, but I know that it’s pushed by the Federal Government and that it’s the kind of math that is only going to slow down and confuse kids, and parents aren’t going to be able to help them.

That just seems to be the tip of the ice burg.

On top of that, there’s the Discrimination law (see 1st attachment) “chapters 28A.640 and 28A.642 RCWand Chapter 392-190 WAC.

The Law says Bully’s are bad, and I agree. But I don’t agree with their way of dealing with Bully’s. As near as I can tell in order to eliminate the prejudice or bias which seems to be at the bottom of bullying…their goal is to eliminate all bias from K-12 (see 2nd attachment). In the process of all this acceptance of everything and anything…. the school will destroy the moral fiber of the children and compromise the morals the parents might have tried to instill — in order to not be biased against same sex marriage.. it’s got to become acceptable and normal.. same with gays, bi-sexual people, trans gender’s, Lesbian’s.  It’s all going to have to be taught as acceptable normal, and natural lifestyles. If this happens how low will the following generation fall?

So I find it hard enough to vote for a continuing 16 million dollar levy (maintenance and operations) much less a 98 million dollar levy when  the schools hands are tied by State laws and the Federal Government . What might the parents want taught to their children, doesn’t seem like their being asked.. or confronted with all the information.

And  to be blunt,  I think most people have no clue and they should have a platform to do that.. It’s something I hope you will look into. maybe I’m dreaming and just plain full of mush!

Thanks for letting me air my concerns.

Bill Yucha

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