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Please read, then email your Clallam County Commissioners and oppose poisoning our roadsides <>

For 25 years, Clallam County has had a NO SPRAY Resolution for managing Clallam County roadside vegetation. This was adopted on 10 July 1990. Eight roadside mowing jobs were created to manage the vegetation. The County has cut most of the mowing jobs and do not mow at the right time to prevent the spreading of seeds of noxious and invasive weeds, so these weeds are proliferating.

The County Noxious Weed Board and its Director and the Roads Department now want to eliminate the NO SPRAY Resolution and use herbicides.

WA State approved 28 herbicides to manage roadside weeds. Almost all are tested ONLY by chemical manufacturers. The USEPA reviews very few. Hence, there is little to no agency oversight protecting the public, the wildlife or our environment from these poisons.

These are the known impacts of the 28 poisons. The number indicates how many of the 28 herbicides cause the particular damage.

Cancer 11
Endocrine Disorders 6
Reproductive Effects 14
Kidney/Liver Damage 17
Sensitizer/Irritant 17
Birth/Development 11
Detected in groundwater 13
Potential leacher 12
Toxic to Birds 7
Toxic to Fish/aquatic organisms 20
Toxic to Bees 4

They also can cause respiratory problems, heart attacks, strokes and Parkinson Disease.

• Mow particular plants at the right time, before they spread their seeds.
• Pull. Form neighborhood groups and/or organizations to pull weeds.
• Invest in an Americorps program. Train and put these members to work pulling weeds or using other non toxic methods.
• Rent goats and sheep. These animals like many of the noxious/invasive weeds. These animals fertilize and aerate the soils with their hooves. Then, safely plant native plants.
• Inject hot foam or very hot water into the weed root beds.
• Burn plants with a propane wand..
• Use industrial strength vinegar.

Darlene Schanfald for
North Olympic Peninsula Sierra Club
Olympic Environmental Council

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