The Downward Spiral of Smart Meters by Frank Springob, D.C.

The people of Port Angeles have “dodged a bullet.” Thanks in large part to the Smart Awareness Group and the documentary movie “Take Back Your Power,”, the Port Angeles City Council correctly concluded that the dysfunctional electrical meter project needed to go.

Slowly, the hazardous meters are being replaced within the City by digital meters that are safe and accurate. The replacement meters do not emit the same destructive energy that we found disrupting the blood cells of individuals as they stood in front of the smart meters.

Port Angeles City Light wanted to make it clear to the citizens that the only reason the smart meter project was stopped was that the system did not operate as intended. They cited software problems, delays, and unreliability as the problems. However, I see it differently. I firmly believe that without the grassroots effort by the people of Port Angeles to attend the City Council meetings and vocalize their concerns, the City Lights Administrators would still be trying to implement that system.

For those who have watched Take Back Your Power, one of the most compelling scenes was filmed at my office in Port Angeles. Viewed through a darkfield microscope, people exposed to the smart meter at a distance of two feet saw their blood dramatically degrade after only two minutes. Since the release of the movie, this experiment has been successfully replicated multiple times throughout the world with the same results. Smart meters are indeed dangerous.

Since the City of PA scrapped the project, we have learned that our civic actions allowed us to dodge a few other “smart meter bullets” as well. For example, it was stated on CNBC a few weeks ago that technology experts have confirmed that if your home has the combination of a smart meter and a smart television, the NSA can listen in on your conversations as you watch television. This fact was previously asserted in the movie, Take Back Your Power. With the combined technology of a smart meter and a smart TV, outsiders can also keep track of your television viewing habits and store them in their large data center in Utah for future reference. Why in the world would anyone want to do that? Only they know why, and they are not sharing.

Hardly a week goes by that we do not hear another news story about a residential fire caused by a smart meter, some with fatal results. In Quebec City recently, the local firefighters caught Hydro Quebec, the electrical utility, removing the smart meters from fire-damaged homes before the cause of the fire could be investigated. Since fires are all considered potential crime scenes, that action is highly illegal. What were they trying to hide?

We frequently read of complaints from people who are being overcharged on their utility bill due to smart meter inaccuracies. Micheal Peevey, the former California Public Utilities Commissioner and the person responsible for promoting the smart meter agenda across the state, has stated publicly that smart meters were accurate. At the same time, he was complaining to his local utility that the monthly electrical bills for his vacation cabin were exorbitant and inaccurate. By the way, Mr. Peevey is currently the subject of a federal and state investigation of corruption for his role in pushing the smart meter agenda in California.

Perhaps the most ironic smart meter story comes from Stockton, California, where a large truck hit a utility pole on March 30. The pole toppled onto another pole. The resulting power surge was responsible for the immediate, simultaneous explosion of thousands of smart meters in Stockton. Over 5000 homes lost power, which could not be restored for weeks while the utility company scrambled to replace all of the meters.

Needless to say, the citizens of California are growing increasing suspicious of smart meters. The pressure to change the law requiring smart meters is steadily increasing. Citizens in that state have secured the power to “opt-out” of having a smart meter.

It is an alarming fact that the national power grid is much more vulnerable to attack now because of the smart meter agenda. This statement is not new—it also was voiced two years ago in Josh Del Sol’s documentary movie, Take Back Your Power. It is now confirmed that anybody with a fleet of trucks can take out large sections of it instantly.

I am relieved that smart meters are no longer a threat in our community.

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