Local author Diana Somerville goes digital with award-winning book

21 September 2015

When science writer Diana Somerville left her women’s spiritual circle and took off to spend a year in Australia, the result was far more than a travel book.

Touching, funny and wise, Inside Out Down Under: Stories from a Spiritual Sabbatical is an adventure of exploration, from the Colorado Rockies to a rural Australian town to the vast desert outback.

Somerville’s  wide-ranging curiosity, offbeat insights, and quiet good humor proved a prize-winning combination. Inside Out Down Under won National Indie Excellence Awards for both Memoir and Travel.

Somerville’s keen, quirky observations “ . . . told me about things even I didn’t know about,” said an experienced reporter with ABC  — the Australian Broadcasting Corp.

And now her popular award-winning book is available in a Kindle edition.

Seek your own song lines. Take this spirit-filled journey that melds dreams and memories with the thrill of exploring Earth’s oldest continent – and one’s deeper self.

Inside Out Down Under  Kindle edition, only $3.99. FREE with kindle unlimited. Or order a paperback copy from your favorite independent bookstor

An Interview with the Author

Diana Somerville lives on a bluff overlooking the Strait of Juan de Fuca and a quiet stream near Port Angeles, Washington. She shares an eccentric house with two senior rescue cats and visitors from around the world.

A member of the National Association of Science Writers, the American Society of Journalists and Authors and North Coast Writers, she has decades of experience as a freelancer, authoring numerous magazine articles and been a regular columnist for Colorado and Washington newspapers. “I’ve more articles than I can remember and even written for encyclopedias –before they were on line,”

She says that working with world-class scientists at the National Center for Atmospheric Research, she “gained an on-the-job equivalent of a PhD in climatology, atmospheric sciences and solar-terrestrial relations” – and deepened her appreciation for Earth’s teachings.

As the first science writer for the University of Colorado in Boulder she wrote about research “from Astronomy to Zoology” and edited Summit, a general interest magazine published by the University. 

Being part of a circle that met for nearly twenty years exploring women’s spirituality while also working as a science writer, gave Somerville “some very different lenses for examining many aspects of life.”

In her weekly women’s circles, “we observed the Solstices and Equinoxes and the cross-quarter days – those lesser known turning points in between. Marking Earth’s holidays linked us to the cycle of life and to changes within our own lives. We celebrated births and rebirths, mourned deaths and other losses. Creating our own rituals, making altars and designing celebrations were funny, delightful and deeply spiritual processes that altered every woman in the circle.”

“Living in the Land of the Dreaming was a year-long immersion in experiencing how much we need the renewal of Spiritual Sabbaticals — some way to go beyond simply unplugging from our hyperconnected world.  The 24/7 demands for nanosecond responses from the world wide web are inhuman – and can encourage our inhumanity – if we let them.”

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