Who is Killing All of the Doctors? by Frank Springob, DC

There’s something happening here
But what it is ain’t exactly clear
There’s a man with a gun over there
Telling me I got to beware

Buffalo Springfield, For What It’s Worth, 1967

An unusual thing began occurring at my office in Port Angeles in late June and early July. Many people were coming in asking if I knew about several prominent natural research doctors who had been murdered on the East Coast. I was surprised to hear of these crimes, uncertain as to the validity of what was being reported, but definitely interested in finding out more. I have never been asked questions of this nature at any other time in my 40 years chiropractic career.

We hear about murders in our world every day, whether real or for ‘entertainment’ value on shows such as CSI and the like. I actually was not surprised that doctors doing research into natural cures were being murdered. Their work is controversial for wealthy corporate interests whose profits would be negatively affected by an empowered, health conscious society. However, I was surprised that so many local people knew about it, considering the fact that these events were mainly occurring on the other side of the country. People were noticing because of the unusual number of mysterious deaths of people with similar professional goals within a very short time.

Over the years, much of the research showing the benefits of inexpensive, effective natural therapies has been suppressed by powerful, money-driven entities from the medical and pharmaceutical realms. Fear is one of their most effective tools to discourage the spread of such knowledge.

As I began my investigation two months ago, I found a great deal of information about these crimes. A lot has been written about the work and mysterious death of Jeff Bradstreet, M.D. of Georgia, a respected researcher in the field of autism. He had published data that showed an 85% improvement in children with autism-spectrum disorders using natural therapies.

Other professionals that died under mysterious circumstances within the next two weeks included Bruce Hedendal, PhD., D.C. of Miami, Baron Holt, D.C. in Jacksonville, Teresa Seivers, M.D. in Miami and Lisa Riley, D.O. in Georgia. In the same two week time frame two others disappeared, Patrick Fitzpatrick, M.D. and Jeff Whiteside, M.D. A few weeks later, there was another death. This time is was Nicholas Gonzalez, M.D., a well known cancer researcher.

I began looking for a common denominator; what connects these people and these crimes? It seems there are a couple of factors. Firstly, several were being investigated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for using natural therapies. Secondly, the focus of their research was a substance that naturally occurs as part of the body’s immune defense against certain diseases, including cancers. It is called GcMAF, the “Macrophage Activation Factor.” It assists in the production of white blood cells.

Your body needs Vitamin D3 to manufacture GcMAF, and you need GcMAF to make certain white blood cells (WBC’s). You need the WBC’s to fight things that are trying to attack your body. It is well documented that serum levels of Vitamin D3 have been decreasing in America due to some unidentified environmental factor. With less Vitamin D3 and lower WBC counts, we now have less ability to fight certain diseases.

Has your doctor been monitoring your blood levels of Vitamin D3 lately? If so, this is the reason why.

So, you may ask, why would anyone wish to put a stop to this important research when the data coming from the GcMAF studies have been so promising? As I often suggest, you just need to “follow the money.” Who stands to gain and who stands to lose when a natural, inexpensive and effective therapy is promoted? The public gains for sure. The FDA and big pharma? Not so much.

A new term has become a part of the national dialogue about this issue; those who suppress the information for profit are being referred to as The Medical Mafia. The main question is this: Who has the resources and the motivation to promote an agenda of systematic death for anyone who threatens their “turf”? Yet another question also occurs to me: Is it possible that our environment is being purposefully manipulated to keep us sick?

Once again, it has been shown that the health care industry consists of both compassionate healers and a very dark side that we would like to believe could not possibly exist.

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