Unearthed from “Unearthed”

I see, true to form, that the PDN is busily supporting the current city power structure with Gotlieb continuing to misrepresent the effort to change city governance.

Today’s story starts off with “Fluoride opponents..” in it’s attempts in defining what is going on, by who. As someone who has attended a bunch of the meetings by “opponents”, I can assure everyone that the majority of people are those offended by the four council members who are arrogantly ignoring the public. It is definitely a “democracy thing”.

But, if the Port Angeles so-called leadership, once again, tries to wrongly convince itself of things that are not actually the case, go for it! They can fight the boogieman under their beds, while the parade to reinstate American values passes them by.

And here again, we have yet another example of why Port Angeles never moves forward. Rather than facing the reality of the situation, they circle up the wagons and convince themselves of things that are not true.

Rather than face the reality that this entire city turmoil has been created solely by Cherie Kidd and her followers, they blame the hundreds of people that show up to meetings, pissed off at what Cherie and crew did.

Rather than acknowledging that they have now forced people to look at a change in governance BECAUSE they, Cherie, Dan, Brad and Pattie have refused to listen to their constituents, they now frame the discontent on the most vocal, as “a small group of vocal opponents”.

Rather than acknowledge the thousands that sent back the surveys that Cherie, Dan, Brad and Pattie themselves crafted and approved to be mailed out, the thousands of Port Angeles voters who said NO, The Council members continue to come up with all kinds of reasons why they don’t have to do what the people told them to do.

First it was because those that didn’t return surveys counted as approving what ever the council members what. Now it is because there are rude people calling them names Seriously!

And, as long as the so-called leadership in this community thinks it can solve it’s real problems by re-defining what is actually going on into terms it finds more acceptable, we will continue to see what we have.

This time, though, it seems people are fed up with it all, and are not allowing Pattie and his playmates to tell us what to do. We will not be silenced, despite Pattie’s efforts. We will not compromise. The “Four” have shown us their true colors in no uncertain terms.

This is not about fluoride. This is about “The Four” that gotta go.

Why is the daily paper schilling for these four?  Why won’t they publish a story that actually reflects the situation–City council out of touch with residents.  Why did they report that only 30 people spoke up at the last council meeting when actually 52 spoke out.  Why did they run photos of the scruffiest people in the crowd when they had photos of grandmothers knitting, mothers with toddlers on their lap begging for clean water.  Why does the daily paper still run with stories pretending the EDC is doing something worthwhile?  If you want answers to these vexing questions please contact the publisher of the daily paper at:  tward@peninsuladailynews.com

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