Heatherton Gallery Celebrates Anniversary by Skye Heatherton

Heatherton Gallery will be celebrating the Gallery’s 2nd anniversary and St. Valentines Day with a buffet, fellowship and Blue Skyz, the Gallery’ s jazz quartet. February 12th 5:30 – 7:30 PM. All of the 50 artists will be featured.

We are glad to be in the art business along with HarborArt, Port Angeles Fine Arts Center, Landing Artists Studio and Bob Stokes’ endeavors. It adds another layer to the health of a community. There is a quote, author unknown: “future civilizations learn about the history of past civilizations through their art and music.”

It is a privilege to display the creative works of established and emerging artists. The Gallery has been blessed with the ongoing support of the public. People know that surrounding themselves with works of art is just as important for well being of the soul as that of food for the body.

Looking back, Tom and I wish to acknowledge the initial support we were given when we first thought about starting the Gallery: Randy Foster, Bob Stokes, Edna Petersen, Pam Dick, Linda Stadtmiller, Peggy Acorn and Sarah Cronauer.

Please join the celebration Friday, February 12 at the Landing Mall.

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