Medical Maze May Be Medicare Ripoff

Author’s name withheld by request

What the hell is going on over at the North Olympic Healthcare Network?  Here’s how their system seems to work.  First you have to make an appointment to make and appointment.  That gets charged.  Then you appear at the appointment and state your problem.  That gets charged.  Then you are given another appointment to have your problem discussed.  That gets charged. Then, after discussing your problem you must make yet another appointment to be treated for your problem.  These get charged.  At this meeting you think you are about to get relief but then they just go over the possible remedies and give you another appointment where you decide which treatment you want–maybe, just maybe you will get treated after a half dozen appointments–all charged to Medicare or your insurance company.

No wonder we have the most expensive health care in the world but are ranked 38th in the world for positive outcomes from patients’ interface with the medical community.  Perhaps this is why doctors and the medical mafia are the number 3 cause of deaths in America. 

Anyone who has suffered this medical maze is encouraged to contact Karen Paulsen, Chief Operations Officer for North Olympic Healthcare Network.  452-7891 Ext. 2829.  Don’t expect too much out of her since this is likely how they have it set up to maximize their incomes and to hell with your outcomes. 

To avoid this maze you should schedule your appointment with one of their Nurse Practitioners who will tend to your needs.  Doctors, not so much.

You are also encouraged to ask for a copy of your medical records at your next visit.  This will help you see how they see you–by their entries on your medical record.  I  demanded inaccurate information corrected and reluctantly they did correct it. 

Anyone willing to blow the whistle on this hustle is encouraged to contact the publisher of Port O Call who has agreed to keep all comments confidential.  He can be reached at 477-2484.

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