Port Angeles Fireworks Ban – Police and Fire Department Ongoing Public Education

In 2016, after receiving considerable input from a number of concerned citizens on both sides of the issue, the Port Angeles City Council determined that it was in the best interest of* the majority of* citizens
to enact a ban on the sale and discharge of *consumer fireworks within the City of* Port Angeles.

Per State law, local ordinance actions restricting the sale or discharge of fireworks may not take effect until one year after such ordinances are approved. This one year waiting period has elapsed and the total
ban on the sale and discharge of consumer fireworks is now in full effect.

The Port Angeles Police and Fire Departments are launching an educational campaign to remind citizens of the fireworks ban.

The campaign will include radio, newspaper and social media releases, as well as printed information that will be distributed at fireworks booths in the County. Signage will be placed at strategic locations, including at the primary east and west road entrances to the City and at Ediz Hook.

Both the Police and Pire Departments plan to add on-duty personnel resources at peak times throughout the three-day Holiday weekend. The ordinance is PAMC 9.20.020(D), which is a $500 civil infraction
and covers the sale, transfer, possession and discharge of fireworks.

Officers and Fire Department personnel will provide education and issue warnings when appropriate. Persons who do not heed warnings and willfully violate the ordinance should expect to be issued a citation.

Under PAMC 9.20.020(E) it a misdemeanor to use fireworks in a reckless manner with substantial risk of serious injury or death, which means officers who investigate violations of this section may choose to make a physical arrest.

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