Open Letter to the PDN

Letter to the Editor/Publisher
Terry Ward, Publisher
Leah Leach, Editor
Peninsula Daily News

Hi Terry & Leah:

The way I read it your reporter, Mr. Gottleib’s reputation for harassing older females under the guise of seeking comment has preceded him with regard to Marolee Smith. My guess is she is refusing to talk to him because she has heard how he accused and abused Dr. Eloise Kailin and Edna Willadsen.

Also, he keeps using fluoride over and over in his stories, ostensibly about ethics violations of city council members. He is perpetually casting all the upheaval at city council as caused by fluoride opponents fighting fluoride.

A plain language reading of Smith’s complaint mentions nothing about fluoride but Gottlieb seems intent upon marginalizing anyone who would take issue with council behaviors.

(you may have read a thread on a local blog suggesting Mr. Gottlieb gets special treatment from various government entities in exchange for short-changing your readers in his reportage)

When you discovered how much he left out of his story on the night of acting mayor, Cherie Kidd’s meltdown, you temporarily relieved him of the city council beat. Now, it appears, he is back with a vengeance. Mr. Gottlieb has lost any credibility as an objective reporter (at least on this subject) by virtue of his minimalist reportage and abuse of two elderly women over the phone.

His interviews are coming very close to “Telephone Harassment.”

I do hope you will attempt to steer your paper back toward objective reporting and deal with the two “sides” evenly.


Dale Wilson

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